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* Are you tired of lugging all those heavy cases of
canned or bottled drinks from the grocery store?

* Tired of your refrigerator being packed
with all those sugary drinks and sodas?

The SodaStream system includes a complete range of products to make fresh, fizzy, great-tasting sparkling water & soda at your home or office.

Sparkling Water ... 20 Cents Per Liter!

Call it seltzer, seltzer water, sparkling water, soda water or club soda. Whatever you call it, you're sure to love how making it at home will save money - and your aching back! And you'll enjoy the fizziest seltzer on the planet. Unlike old fashioned soda siphons, you can make seltzer as fizzy as you like it with a SodaStream home soda / seltzer maker. You can even make your own flavored seltzer with all-natural, unsweetened MyWater flavor essences.

You love seltzer... and even though you may pay sale prices, the cost of seltzer still adds up. Perhaps you buy one-liter bottles of seltzer on sale at the store for 50 cents each - or as low as 33 cents each ($4 for a 12-bottle case). Even at these store sale prices, if your household drinks one case of 12 one-liter bottles per week, you'll spend over $2,000 on seltzer over the next 10 years!

With SodaStream, you will slash your seltzer costs to as low as 20 cents per liter - that's less than $2.50 per case! - and you'll enjoy fresh, fizzy seltzer at the push of a button. And if you prefer the sophisticated light carbonation of imported sparkling water, you'll love the Penguin, which makes fresh sparkling water in elegant cut glass carafes.

Here are several more reasons to get started with SodaStream:

  • No more schlepping: Reusable, one-liter and half litre carbonating bottles save you from lugging (and storing) all of those cases from the store.
  • Stay fizzy longer: Special bottle caps with hermetic seals will keep your seltzer much fizzier for longer than store-bought seltzer.
  • Convenience: You'll make seltzer in convenient one-liter and half litre bottles. Unlike those expensive, one and done soda siphon chargers, each one of our large, lightweight CO2 carbonators in our sleek home and office soda/seltzer makers contain enough C02 to carbonate up to 60 (or even 110) liters of fresh, fizzy seltzer. Empty carbonators are easily exchanged right at Water Mart
  • Control your fizz: Whether you like a few light bubbles or serious, nose-tickling fizz, a SodaStream home seltzer maker lets you make it the way you want it.
  • Environmentally friendly: Reusing your carbonating bottles will drastically reduce discarded and recyclable material in our environment. Also saves money on deposit fees!



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