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What is Ultra Filtration?
Much like a Reverse Osmosis System all sediments are removed from the water in the first stage of filtration, then a Pre Carbon Filter removes chlorine tastes and odours using an Activated Carbon Filter. The water then passes through a hollow fiber Membrane to remove any bacteria, viruses, dissolved solids
and any other microscopic contaminants. Finally the water is passed through a Post Carbon Filter to refine and polish it’s taste.


6 smart reasons to make the switch
to Water Mart bottleless coolers

  1. Hassle free filtered water...
  2. No more heavy bottles to lift...
  3. Environmentally friendly...
  4. Clean, safe and sanitary...
  5. No need to store water bottles...
  6. Save money...

Rental Option:

  • FREE Delivery & Installation
  • FREE Maintenance
  • FREE Scheduled Filter Change

Purchase Option:

  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Installation
  • 2 year warranty

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