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Esio - How it Works

Esio is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Some people have told us that it's about as easy as changing their CD in the car.

  First, select what beverage you would like.
Tap on the convenient beverage door and place your favorite Esio-pak into the Esio with the patented pump pointing down. Once you have inserted your beverage close the beverage door.

2 Esio 2   Next, you will want to adjust the strenth selector for your beverage.
Turning the strength selector to the left will reduce the strength of your beverage while cranking the strength selector to the right will make a strong beverage. Play around it with, you'll find the perfect strength for all your favorite Esio beverages.

3 Esio 3   Finally, how would you like your beverage, hot or cold?
For cold drinks, locate the blue (cold) button to the right of the strength selector. For hot drinks you will want to hold down the red (hot) button to the left of the strength selector. Fill up your mug, glass or pitcher with your favorite Esio beverage. It's that easy.


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