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Water Source?

With the Esio Beverage System we provide you with options. The first option and we think this is the most important option, is your water source.

Bottle Fed:
If you have bottled water service or purchase 3 or 5 gallon bottles at your local store, the Esio Beverage System was built especially for you. This model features our sanitary sealed water reservoir that prevents bacteria from the outside of the bottle from coming into contact with the water inside the bottle. Be sure and use No-Spill caps on your 3 and 5 gallon bottles.

Filter Fed:
Bottle-less: If you are tired of lugging heavy bottles around and are looking for convience, you can connect your Esio Beverage System directly to your current water source, whether that is your water line under your sink or your home filtration system with the Esio Classic Direct. All the fittings and tubing you need to make your hook-up are included with your Esio along with an easy to follow installation manual. In most cases it ony takes minutes to connect your Esio.


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